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Last Updated: 5/28/2010 10:06 AM

Using a "lower sugar" formulation, Oooli's Pomegranate Ginger Blueberry Organic Green Tea has been designed to deliver great taste without a lot of calories or sugar. How they've done this is slightly different than the competition, with each flavor being derived from juice or puree instead of adding flavorings. So, there's certainly a more natural fruit and ginger flavor to this product than many of Oooli's competitors. Plus, they've sweetened the product with a mixture of sugar and brown rice syrup, which gives it a very mellow level of sweetness (on par with Honest Tea). The tea itself is very good, with bold green tea flavor pairing nicely with the other flavors in the drink. There's a slightly acidic note to the finish, but otherwise it's a very smooth experience. From a packaging and positioning perspective, the product has a whimsical vibe to its design, which seems like an okay approach for the tea category. Looking at the package, there's something about it that, despite the "lower sugar" badge, made us expect a sweeter product to be inside the bottle. Figuring out a way to further quantify it or describe it on the front of the bottle would certainly be helpful. Overall, this is a very enjoyable product that, with a few minor tweaks to its label, has the potential to be exceptional.


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