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Being in a positive mood makes life more enjoyable. Refreshments can lift spirits and bring people together. Yet there are the familiar downsides of traditional drinks - the alcohol, the sodas filled with sugar, or the energy drinks overloaded with caffeine.

We imagined something better. That's why we created Open1!

Open1 is a refreshing tonic that helps lift your mood in a healthy way. It is the first mood-lifting tonic on the market which truly supports feeling relaxed, positive and uplifted. It comes in two vibrant sparkling flavors, cranberry dragonfruit and mango papaya.

Unlike typical energy drinks, Open1 promotes a relaxed, positive state of mind, without jitters or a sugar and caffeine crash. Unlike typical relaxation drinks, Open1 does not cause drowsiness. And unlike many overhyped functional beverages, Open1 really works!

Open1 is a healthier alternative to traditional functional beverages like energy drinks, because it has only 25 calories, 6 grams of sugar and 40 mg of caffeine per serving, and is totally alcohol free.

Made with carefully selected stress-releasing amino acids, natural plant extracts, and B-vitamins, Open1 encourages feeling more open, uplifted, and connected, any place, any time.

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