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Last Updated: 8/14/2008 7:27 AM

The Orange Pom flavor of Osteo is made with a blend of fruit flavors and juices, hibiscus and rosehips (aka herbal tea), and added vitamins and minerals. While the resulting mixture has discernable fruit flavor, we found it to be way too sweet. While the level of sweetness undoubtedly hides the flavor of the added nutrients, it also hides the tea and leaves a sugary coating in your mouth. More importantly, we don't think that the target consumer -- most likely women worried about calcium intake -- will go for something with 120 calories and is this sweet. As for the packaging, it is simple and clean, with the only area for an "upgrade" being an improved cap (it's currently a stock design). Overall, we like the concept, but the execution is too sweet.


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12 fl oz

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