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Last Updated: 8/14/2008 7:27 AM

Tropical Tisane was the final flavor that we sampled for review. The product has an herbal tea aroma, with notes of rosehip and hibiscus. Unfortunately, this pleasant smell doesn't influence too much, providing the backdrop to an otherwise overwhelmingly sweet drink. There's fruit flavor to it, including notes of apple, currant, and citrus, but the sugary coating left in your mouth prohibits full enjoyment of the product. As cited with the other flavors, the nutritional benefits appear to be legitimate, but the formulation doesn't align with the target consumer. On the outside of the bottle, the label is simple and easy to read, but feels technical and lacks any sort of human element to it. In addition, the "fruit tea" tagline is likely to confuse consumers as this is an "herbal tea" (which isn't made from tea leaves by definition) not a drink infused with green or black tea (which might actually taste better). Overall, we think that this drink needs improvement in its delivery.


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12 fl oz

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