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Last Updated: 2/12/2014 4:47 PM

“The Classic” variety Owl’s Brew, a tea that's crafted for use in cocktails, is a blend of English breakfast tea, lemon, lime, and agave (along with citric and ascorbic acid). From a flavor perspective, the product is very enjoyable to the point where you could either drink it straight or use it as a mixer, and the enjoyment factor is the same. The lemon and lime flavors are tart and tangy, while the base of brewed English breakfast tea adds some depth and complexity. Visually, the matte black glass bottle, which is available in 8 and 32 oz. sizes, is something that definitely catches the eye. It’s a polished looking product that definitely stands out, regardless of what type of product it’s up against. To that end, we think that there are definitely a lot of ways that Owl’s Brew could evolve its lineup. In the meantime, we’re big fans of what the company has created both visually and inside the bottle.


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