Review: Purity Organic’s Super-Premium Teas

Purity Organic has launched a new line of super-premium teas. Packaged in 14 oz. glass bottles, the line includes five varieties: three formulated with matcha, one with guayusa and one with mate.

Review: Bruce Cost Original Spicy GB

Bruce Cost’s Original Spicy GB is the company's most recent offering in an 8.4 oz. can. Compared with its 12 oz. line, this seems like a much more appropriate portion. From a flavor perspective, this is still very much the Bruce Cost Ginger Ale that we know and love.

Review: Love Beets with a Hint of Ginger

This variety of Love Beets starts with a base of organic beet juice, just like the brand's other varieties. From there, the company has added what it describes as a “hint of ginger,” despite ginger juice being labeled as 6 percent of the formulation. While it’s definitely more than a “hint,” the product isn’t really spicy.

Review: Lemoncocco

For all of the wild and crazy products that Jones Soda has come up with since its inception (e.g. Turkey & Gravy Soda), we were quite surprised to see Lemoncocco land on our desks. The product, which is non-carbonated, is a play on a classic Italian lemon and coconut drink.

Review: Zpirit Infuzed Water

The concept behind Zpirit Infuzed Water is something that we haven’t seen before: adding fruit chunks to a flavored water.

Reivew: Daily Greens Half Pint – New Varieties

Daily Greens has extended its Half Pint sub-line with three new probiotics-infused varieties. Launched at Costco, Daily Greens' Cocoa Loco, Berry Nice and Greenie are excellent additions to the Half Pint line and well-positioned for mainstream retail.

Review: Happy Tree Maple Water Ginger

Happy Tree’s Ginger Maple Water is a blend of two ingredients: organic maple water and organic ginger juice. Like the brand's other two varieties, it's high pressure processed (HPP) and low in calories. The formulation is top-notch and perhaps the best tasting maple water product on the market.

Review: Giggle

Giggle is a line of USDA Organic certified carbonated beverages that are marketed as sparkling water and designed for kids. With 15 calories per 8.4 oz. can, the drinks are great tasting and a nice low-calorie soda option, but Giggle seems to be going after the wrong segment of the market.

Review: Rau Chocolate

Rau has made a few updates to its line of high pressure processed cacao beverages and added a couple new varieties. Now packaged in 12 oz. bottles, the line includes the recently launched semi-sweet and banana flavors.

Review: Stumptown Coconut Cold Brew

This variety of Stumptown Cold Brew uses coconut cream for both flavoring and to create a dairy-free version of its cold brew with milk. Made with cold brew coffee, coconut cream and cane sugar, the product has a straightforward but somewhat intense flavor.

Review: Suja Probiotic Water

The premise behind Suja’s Probiotic Water is a bit different than the brand's other lines, which are all very high in juice content. The beverages start with the leftover materials from Suja’s cold-pressed juices, and from there the company adds water and probiotics, which results in something that tastes like a flavored water.

Review: Soylent 2.0

Soylent 2.0 is the company’s latest evolution of its meal replacement formulation and the first that’s available in ready-to-drink form. Having tried several of Soylent's prior efforts, we can confidently say that Soylent 2.0 (the 2.0 being the version, much like a tech product) is a big step forward.

Review: Bhakti Chai Holiday Varieties

Bhakti Chai, which markets a line of bottled chai teas, has launched a pair of holiday-themed beverages. The company's Chai Nog and Chai Noir are nicely formulated, but the packaging and branding are, like other Bhakti products, in need of improvement.

Review: Inko’s Organic Energy

Inko’s recently retooled its energy drink line. The new approach is a USDA Organic offering that has 100 calories and 165mg of caffeine per can. This seems in line with current beverage trends, although as a non-carbonated tea-based offering, it’s certainly not your typical energy drink.