Reivew: Daily Greens Half Pint – New Varieties

Daily Greens has extended its Half Pint sub-line with three new probiotics-infused varieties. Launched at Costco, Daily Greens' Cocoa Loco, Berry Nice and Greenie are excellent additions to the Half Pint line and well-positioned for mainstream retail.

Review: Happy Tree Maple Water Ginger

Happy Tree’s Ginger Maple Water is a blend of two ingredients: organic maple water and organic ginger juice. Like the brand's other two varieties, it's high pressure processed (HPP) and low in calories. The formulation is top-notch and perhaps the best tasting maple water product on the market.

Review: Giggle

Giggle is a line of USDA Organic certified carbonated beverages that are marketed as sparkling water and designed for kids. With 15 calories per 8.4 oz. can, the drinks are great tasting and a nice low-calorie soda option, but Giggle seems to be going after the wrong segment of the market.

Review: Rau Chocolate

Rau has made a few updates to its line of high pressure processed cacao beverages and added a couple new varieties. Now packaged in 12 oz. bottles, the line includes the recently launched semi-sweet and banana flavors.

Review: Stumptown Coconut Cold Brew

This variety of Stumptown Cold Brew uses coconut cream for both flavoring and to create a dairy-free version of its cold brew with milk. Made with cold brew coffee, coconut cream and cane sugar, the product has a straightforward but somewhat intense flavor.

Review: Suja Probiotic Water

The premise behind Suja’s Probiotic Water is a bit different than the brand's other lines, which are all very high in juice content. The beverages start with the leftover materials from Suja’s cold-pressed juices, and from there the company adds water and probiotics, which results in something that tastes like a flavored water.

Review: Soylent 2.0

Soylent 2.0 is the company’s latest evolution of its meal replacement formulation and the first that’s available in ready-to-drink form. Having tried several of Soylent's prior efforts, we can confidently say that Soylent 2.0 (the 2.0 being the version, much like a tech product) is a big step forward.

Review: Bhakti Chai Holiday Varieties

Bhakti Chai, which markets a line of bottled chai teas, has launched a pair of holiday-themed beverages. The company's Chai Nog and Chai Noir are nicely formulated, but the packaging and branding are, like other Bhakti products, in need of improvement.

Review: Inko’s Organic Energy

Inko’s recently retooled its energy drink line. The new approach is a USDA Organic offering that has 100 calories and 165mg of caffeine per can. This seems in line with current beverage trends, although as a non-carbonated tea-based offering, it’s certainly not your typical energy drink.

Review: Loco Coco

Loco Coco is a new line of cold brew coffee and coconut water blends. The beverages are high pressure processed and come in two varieties -- Black and Original, the latter is made with coconut milk and sugar -- and are packaged in a 13.5 oz. bottles.

Review: GT’s Kombucha Sharing Gratitude

GT’s Kombucha Sharing Gratitude is a limited-release product that the company has created to commemorate its 20th anniversary. The new variety is a blend of GT's raw kombucha, turmeric, carrot and ginger and is USDA organic certified. For a limited release, it’s exceptionally well done.

Review: Califia Farms Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew

Califia’s Peppermint Mocha flavored Cold Brew with Almond Milk is a new winter seasonal flavor for 2015. There’s a lot going on inside this bottle, with layers of almond milk, chocolate, cold brew coffee, and peppermint. Somehow, it all works, with a flavor that is, aside from perhaps the peppermint, used with great restraint.

Review: Golda Kombucha

Golda Kombucha is an oak-aged kombucha brand (meaning the company ferments its products in oak barrels) based in Atlanta, Ga. Combined with the slightly oaky flavor, the beverages are branded with a Southern craft vibe, both of which help to differentiate Golda from competing products.

Review: Honeydrop Raw Honey Beverages

Last year, Honeydrop launched a new line of cold-pressed, high pressure processed juice blends made with raw honey. The company has since expanded its product offerings, which are made with Manuka honey or honey sourced from the Tri State area.