Review: Jittery John’s Cold-Brew Uses Variety of Formats to Differentiate

Jittery John’s offers a diverse line of cold-brew coffee offerings. They have seemingly every type of cold-brew covered: ready to drink, nitro, concentrate, office delivery, single origin, New Orleans style, and even a high pressure processed variety with Brazil nut milk.

Review: Love Grace Herbal Energy

Love Grace’s Herbal Energy is a three-flavor line of USDA organic certified high pressure processed beverages that was created to complement its cold-pressed juice lineup. The common theme across the three flavors is described in the tag line “energy and nutrition balanced.”

Review: Runa Gets Its Best Looking Labels Yet

We didn’t necessarily think there was something essentially wrong with their old label. But the new one reflects the evolution of the tea category as well as where guayusa, Runa’s key ingredient, stands within it.

Review: SAP!

Sap! is a two-SKU line of beverages that are made with a single ingredient: carbonated maple sap. It’s a play that’s not dissimilar from that of maple water, which is also maple sap but in its natural, non-carbonated format.

Review: Veritas “Cold Press” Coffee

Given the current onslaught of cold-brewed coffees, upstart players face a renewed need to innovate and differentiate. While some companies are doing this with flavor or packaging, Veritas is using a different method of producing the coffee itself.

Review: Sparkling Bitters Bring a New Taste to Sparkling Water

Sparkling Bitters, made with a blend of sparkling water and a dash of tonic bitters, is an unsweetened zero-calorie line of sparkling beverages. In terms of sparkling beverages, it’s a unique and interesting concept: the base of the drink is basically a lighter cousin of tonic water.

Review: Sparkling Ice “Essence of Water”

Sparkling Ice “Essence of Sparkling Water” is the first unsweetened line extension to the Sparkling Ice brand, and the company’s response to the growing number of sparkling flavored waters on the market today.

Review: Nothing But Real

Launched last month, Nothing But Real is a company that was founded with the mission of creating healthy snack products without artificial ingredients. Its first product is a beverage, Oat, Chocolate & Protein.

Review: Madrinas Cold Brew Coffee

Madrinas Cold Brew is made by Madrinas Brands, whose Horchata and Cafe con Leche were the subject of a review back in 2011, is a line of ready-to-drink Fair Trade cold brew coffees. Currently available in two flavors, Cold Brew Black and Cold Brew + Milk, the products are packaged in 15 oz. cans.

Review: Revive Kombucha Ups Its Game with Refined Labels and Packaging

Revive Kombucha's packaging, which was previously either a swing-top heavy glass bottle or a growler, was always the part of the brand that needed the most improvement. The new 11 oz. bottles, which are what we’re reviewing today, are a huge step forward.