Review: A Game Strawberry Lemonade

The Strawberry Lemonade flavor of A Game is a mainstream-oriented sports drink that features sea salt, honey and B vitamins. From a flavor perspective, it’s not that far off from being a traditional sports drink flavor; it’s almost like a cross between lemon lime and fruit punch flavors.

Review: Califia Farms Iced Coffee (New Varieties)

Amid its sprawling booth at the recently held Natural Products Expo West, Califia Farms sampled new single-serve varieties of its Iced Coffee line. Made with a blend of almond milk and coffee, the line comes in three flavors: Salted Caramel, Cocoa Noir and XX Espresso. From our perspective, Califia has once again proven adept at creating great tasting formulations with reasonable sugar and calorie content.

Review: Live Soda Kombucha

Last year, Live Soda Kombucha underwent a very well-designed and well-executed rebranding, landing the company a BevNET Best of 2013 award for Best Product Revamp. Recently, Live Soda added two new flavors, Orange Cream and Sparkling Ginger, that build upon the company’s efforts to reach out to broad range of consumers in both natural and mainstream.

Review: Seva 100% Maple Water

Sourced from maple sap, but unlike maple syrup, not cooked down into a concentrated form, maple waters have gained some buzz in recent months with a steadily increasing number of brands entering the market. Seva Maple Water is one such brand. With a very light maple flavor, it’s definitely a palatable product and one that is thirst-quenching. But is that enough of a reason to drink this beverage?

Review: Vita Coco Lemonade

Vita Coco’s Lemonade variety is a not-from-concentrate coconut water that is perhaps the company’s most mainstream offering to date. Blending lemon puree, which has a pretty assertive flavor, with coconut water and fruit sugar results in something that tastes much more like lemonade than coconut water. To that end, consumers don’t necessarily need to care for lemonade to enjoy this product.

Review: Kombucha Wonder Drink “Raw”

Kombucha Wonder Drink’s “Raw” line comes in three varieties each containing 13 calories and 2 grams of sugar per 11 oz. bottle. While the beverages have a slightly sour note to them, rather that the vinegary taste associated with most kombucha drinks, the products have a mellow flavor and are quite drinkable. If we have any criticism, it’s for the labels, but overall, this is a great line.

Review: Suja Essentials

Launched in January, Essentials is Suja’s third line of organic, HPP juices and designed to be a more mainstream offering than its other lines. The launch comes with a subtle…

Review: Wai Koko Coconut Infusions

Wai Koko’s new Coconut Infusions line comes in four varieties with each packaged in an 8.5 oz. slim can. Featuring two citrus-enhanced flavors, Island Citrus and Lemon Lime, as well as its original coconut water and a new mocha-flavored variety, the company has created a sub-line that is polished and attractive.

Review: Búcha Yuzu Lemon Kombucha

Bucha’s Yuzu Lemon flavored kombucha is the latest addition to the company’s line of USDA Organic certified beverages. From a flavor perspective, it’s quite mild and it lacks the vinegar like flavor that you’ll find in many other kombucha products. Instead, it has a flavor that’s better described as a carbonated tea.

Review: Forager Project

Based in San Francisco, Forager Project is a company that produces a range of organic, cold-pressed juices. Marketed as “fast slow food,” the brand includes four sublines — Greens, Nuts, Roots and Cleanse — with two to four juices in each line. While we enjoyed the formulation of the drinks that we sampled, the naming convention for the juices, differentiated by the name of the subline and a letter (i.e. “Greens A” and “Nuts B”) could be improved upon.

Review: TYR Endurance Sport

Last year, TYR, a sportswear manufacturer, launched TYR Endurance Sport drinks. The company has certainly put out a very professional looking first effort, with a formulation that includes EMIQ (a form of quercetin), carbohydrate complex, caffeine and EGCG, and Ace-K and sugar as its sweeteners. From a taste perspective, the products are very drinkable, but the packaging will need some work for this brand to make its mark.

Review: Xiomega Seedless Chia Water

Fortified with chia seed oil, rather than seeds or ground chia, Xiomega Seedless Chia Water has no detectable taste of chia.This could be opportunity for the company, in that some consumers dislike the texture of some some chia drinks. However, we do wonder about Xiomega’s use of agave as a sweetener and think that the label for these products definitely needs an upgrade.

Review: drinkme Juices

drinkme, which markets a line of “cold blended” and high pressure processed juices and smoothies, recently updated its packaging and moved into a new 15.2 oz. round-edged bottle. While the company had done well with the formulation of the products, we’re still left feeling as though the company could do more with the label.