Review: La Colombe Draft Latte

As far as packaged iced coffee beverages go, La Colombe has definitely succeeded in creating something that’s unique and innovative with its Draft Latte.

Review: Red Ace Organics

Red Ace, a maker of organic beet-based liquid supplements, has introduced two new varieties: a turmeric-enhanced product and another blended with kale and spinach.

Review: Chameleon Cold Brew Caramel

Chameleon’s Caramel variety is the latest flavored offering in the brand's line of cold brew coffee concentrates. It’s launching exclusively at Target stores in spring 2016, and it very much follows in the footsteps of Chameleon's other flavors.

Review: Zola Chocolate Coconut Water

The latest flavor variety in Zola's coconut water line is this one, Chocolate. Chocolate-flavored coconut water has become somewhat of a staple coconut water offering and Zola is clearly looking to add something that’s immediately marketable (rather than bleeding edge innovation) to its line.

Review: Wandering Bear Coffee

Based in New York City, Wandering Bear Cold Brew is a blend of freshly roasted 100 percent Arabica coffee and cold-filtered water. Packaged in a 96 oz. bag-in-box format, Wandering Bear targets a niche (resealable multi-serve), that is served by few, if any, cold brew coffee brands.

Review: Cawston Press Sparkling Juices

Cawston Press sparkling juice drinks are produced using a base of fresh-pressed apple juice and blended with other flavors. Cawston's Ginger Beer, Rhubarb and Cloudy Apple offerings are nicely executed in terms of formulation and packaging -- but do they have enough to stand out from competing products?

Review: Naked Pressed

Last month, Naked Juice leapt into the cold-pressed juice category with a new line called Naked Pressed. We’re pretty impressed with what Naked has been able to create -- it’s a huge step above the brand's flagship line.

Review: Sattva

Promoted as "inner transformation in a bottle," Sattva is a new line of Ayurvedic-inspired beverages. Made with a range of adaptogenic herbs, the drinks are intended to reduce stress and increase energy.

Review: Pressed Juicery (New Matcha and Green Juice Varieties)

Pressed Juicery has launched two new varieties, including a green juice made with green chard, mustard greens, turnip greens, spinach, coconut water and jalapeno, and a "matcha milk" seasonal variety that is made with hemp seeds, moringa and spirulina, among other ingredients.

Review: Positive Energy

Positive Energy markets a line of juice and tea products that are enhanced with 100 mg of caffeine from green coffee beans. As the name suggests, the beverages are being positioned as energy drinks.

Review: Tigernut Horchata Chocolate

Made with an organic and high pressure processed blend of water, tigernuts, dates, cacao powder, lemon and sea salt, this product is Tigernut Horchata's tastiest offering to date.

Review: Califia Farms Better Half Creamers

Califia Farms Better Half, which comes in both Original and Unsweetened varieties, is the company's take at a dairy-free coffee creamer. For us, the company's blend of almond milk and coconut cream makes for a winning combination that is better than each on its own.

Review: Up Mountain Switchel

We really like the formulation of Up Mountain Switchel's new Cayenne and Yerba Mate varieties, but the 12 oz. jar package (one most often used for jelly or condiments) might not be the best for format for the liquid.