Review: Crude Juice

Crude, a new cold-pressed juice brand whose name is derived from a definition of the word (unrefined and natural), markets a two-SKU line of high pressure processed blends. Crude's Green #1 and Red #1 are both a good start to further development of the line, but its packaging is a clear area for improvement.

Review: Molly’s Milk Truck

A finalist in BevNET's New Beverage Showdown 8, Molly's Milk Truck markets a line of iced coffee and iced chai drinks. In our review of the coffee products, which are made with cold-brewed coffee and almond milk, we think that the company has the foundation for something that could have broad appeal.

Review: Love Beets

Overall, we’re not sure how big the market for beet juice will ultimately be, but what Love Beets has created has certainly solidified its place in the nascent category.

Review: Sambazon 100 Juices

As BevNET reported earlier this month, Sambazon, which markets a range of acai-based beverages, gave its yet-to-be-launched “Reduced Sugar” sub-line a makeover. The rebranded “Sambazon 100 Juices,” named for its use of at least 100 acai berries per 10.5 oz. bottle and 100-calorie or less formulation, come in three varieties, two of which are included in our review.

Review: Root 9

Root 9 has unique positioning and flavor, but the real hurdle is separating it from the energy drink pack and making consumer’s buy into a ginseng-oriented beverage.

Review: Daily Greens Chia

In January, cold-pressed juice brand Daily Greens introduced a new line of chia-infused line of juices. Packaged in 12 oz. bottles, the line comes in three varieties, and it's clear to us that the company done an excellent job both inside and outside the bottle.

Review: King Coconut Water

King Coconut's front label calls attention to its use of coconuts that are “hand picked from the island of Sri Lanka” and that its coconut water is “never from concentrate.” For us, that seemed to be an attempt to set the stage for a coconut water that was going to excel in the flavor department.

Review: Amy & Brian Coconut Water with Grape

Amy & Brian has added a new grape flavored variety to its coconut water line. The product uses a purple accent on its 17.5 oz can, and while the color is certainly synonymous with grapes, we wonder if consumers who aren’t familiar with the Amy & Brian's brand will recognize the product as coconut water.

Review: Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Blood Orange Meyer Lemon

We’ve been big fans of Bruce Cost Ginger Ale since our first sip. However, the company's attempts at flavored offerings, while always nice tasting, could never pull us away from the Original unadulterated version. With the company's latest flavor, Blood Orange Meyer Lemon, we were expecting to feel the same way.