Review: Chiquita Tropicals

Chiquita Tropicals is a new line of tropical fruit juice blends. The products come in four varieties — Banana Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, and Passion Fruit — and contain no added sugar or preservatives. While Chiquita is certainly a brand that has some credibility and awareness as far as produce is concerned, the execution of it as a beverage feels like it’s lacking something.

Review: Hop Soda

Hop Soda is a unique soda that is made with natural hops extract. While this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen hops in a non-alcoholic beverage, it very well may be the most enjoyable one that we’ve had.

Review: Suja Elements – New Varieties

Suja has added a few more varieties to its Elements line of juice smoothies. Like all Suja products, the new Elements flavors are cold-pressed and high-pressure processed, and while we have mixed feelings about some of the new varieties in terms of packaging and branding, the formulation and flavor of the products are excellent.

Review: Vivaloe Mango Aloe

Vivaloe has added a mango variety to its line of aloe drinks. Like the company’s other flavors, this one blends aloe vera pulp and aloe vera gel with sugar, natural flavors and stevia to form the base of the drink. Added mango juice gives the product a nice tropical twist, and, overall, it’s a solid addition to the lineup.

Review: Dust Cutter

The premise of Dust Cutter is pretty simple: take mainstream sugar-sweetened beverages, cut the calories slightly by using stevia, enhance it with ginseng and B vitamins, and package it up in a nice-looking 16 oz. aluminum bottle. To that end, the product is a success, with an all-natural formulation that’s certainly pleasing to the palate.

Review: Mulberry Love

Mulberry Love is a new line of drinks made with — you guessed it — mulberry juice. The brand comes in two varieties: an all-natural formulation made with coconut water and agave, and an organic version with coconut water as the only other ingredient. Both products have a nice flavor profile and come in a nicely designed curved 8 oz. bottle. It’s a good start for the brand, but we’d like to see a couple more flavors for the line.

Review: Sierra Kombucha

Nevada-based Sierra Kombucha markets a line of kombucha drinks made with organic green tea, organic sugar and organic or all-natural juice. The two varieties that we reviewed — Peak Pomegranate and Pinnacle Pineapple — taste quite good, however, the branding and packaging of the products fall far short of matching what’s inside the bottle.

Review: Quaker Breakfast Shakes

Aligning two emerging beverage trends — oat-based drinks and breakfast shakes — PepsiCo has launched Quaker Breakfast Shakes. However, while the concept, and use of the company-owned Quaker brand, makes…

Review: Rockstar Sparkling Energy

Amid rising demand for low-calorie and flavored sparkling waters, Rockstar has released a new “Sparkling” brand extension to its line of energy drinks. The beverages, which come in Cherry Citrus and Peach varieties, are zero-calorie seltzer-like products that are sweetened with Ace-K and sucralose. With a softer vibe than its primary line, both in terms of flavor and branding, the drinks are a nice addition to the Rockstar family.

Review: Fred Water

Fred, a bottled water brand that comes in a range of flask-shaped containers, has been given a makeover. The new look has taken a visual turn that makes it look more hip and relevant, and enabled the personification of the product (that’s why it’s called Fred, right?) more appealing and approachable.

Review: Switchel

Switchel is a unique non-carbonated beverage that is made with Vermont maple syrup, organic lemon juice, organic apple cider vinegar, ginger root and blackstrap molasses. It has a pretty complex flavor; it’s like a sweeter version of a “master cleanse” beverage. The product, however, is marketed as an energy drink, and we’re a little confused by the company’s choice of packaging and positioning.

Review: EVO Revitalizing Water

Evo Revitalizing Water is a line of flavored, sparkling waters made with a hint of sweetness. The 10-calories drinks are nicely formulated and fit nicely into the low-calorie beverage segment, particularly consumers who shy away from stevia. Yet while the look of the products is clean and chic, we feel as though the current design makes it feel too much like a functional brand.

Review: Green Mustache

First introduced at BevNET’s New Beverage Showdown 5, Green Mustache is a new line of organic fruit and vegetable juice smoothies designed for kids. The brand, which recently gained distribution…