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Pannela is derived from panela, a product that's made from unrefined cane juice and traditionally served as a hot drink in certain Central and South American countries. That being said, this is concept is one that will be unfamiliar to the American consumers, despite its pretty basic taste. The flavor of Lemon Fun is sweet but light in your mouth, with a flavor that's like a distant cousin of a lemon flavored black tea drink. While it is certainly drinkable, its sweet sugar like flavor doesn't offer enough to make this worthy of being chosen over other beverages with more established health benefits. Packaging is a bit busy, with lots of text splattered on the fully wrapped bottle. They use both "Pannela" (the brand name) and "panela" (the ingredient name), which adds some confusion to the already foreign concept. Lastly, there's a claim of the drink being healthy. This claim isn't explained to well, with minerals and vitamins promoted despite a pretty weak nutritional panel. Pannela isn't a bad concept, but we think that the product needs another ingredient or more catchy name if it's going to find its way into the American marketplace. Otherwise, Pannela Lemon Fun runs the risk of being viewed as high end sugar juice.


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Juice: Juice Drink


16 oz. bottle

Nutritional Info

Per 8 0z serving : Calories 70, Fat 0, Sodium 0, Potassium 50 mg (1% dv), Carbs 16 g (5% dv), Sugars 16 g, Protein 0, Vitamin C (15% dv), Calcium (2% dv, Iron (6% dv), Magnesium (2%)


Filtered water, organic raw-unrefined cane juice, natural lemon flavor, citric acid.

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