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Last Updated: 12/5/2008 1:11 PM

This was our least favorite flavor of the Panella brand. Something simply doesn't taste right with the pairing of the pomegranate flavoring and that of the panela. On the outside, we like the large image of the pomegranate and that will certainly get some eyeballs if placed in a cooler. Unfortunately, the rest of the product isn't all that appealing, especially with images of sugar canes placed on the front and back panel of the drink. Promoting the use of sugar cane as a health benefit seems like a move that will require a lot of education, and this bottle doesn't execute that particularly well. Definitely the weakest flavor of the brand.


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Juice: Juice Drink


16 oz. bottle

Nutritional Info

Per 8 0z serving : Calories 70, Fat 0, Sodium 0, Potassium 50 mg (1% dv), Carbs 16 g (5% dv), Sugars 16 g, Protein 0, Vitamin C (15% dv), Calcium (2% dv, Iron (6% dv), Magnesium (2%)


Filtered water, organic raw-unrefined cane juice, natural pomegranate flavor, citric acid.

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