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Last Updated: 4/27/2011 11:29 AM

The latest addition to Peace Tea’s line of gigantic sized teas is “Caddy Shack,” a blend of tea and lemonade. What’s notable is that the product uses a blend of sugar and sucralose, which helps to cut the calories and carbs to somewhat reasonable levels (50 calories and 13g of sugar per 8 ounces). It's very drinkable, with the classic black tea and lemonade flavors well executed. The sucralose has minimal impact, with only a slight note of the sweetener at the finish. The can, which is a massive 23 oz., features a design that’s loud and in your face. The scene on the can lampoons what you’d find at a country club, much the way the Caddyshack movies did back in the 1980’s (the guy in a Monster polo shirt is a nice touch, by the way). They’ve painted 99 cents on the can, which clearly positions it as a value product. Combine that with the loud graphics, and it seems pretty clear that their target audience is a young, budget conscious consumer. And to that end, we think they’ve done a nice job with this product – it tastes nice and, thanks to the name, it’s definitely more memorable than some of the other Peace Tea flavors.


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