Pepsi Throwback

Pepsi Throwback

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Last Updated: 4/20/2009 9:46 AM

It’s no surprise that “Throwback” Pepsi tastes better than “regular” Pepsi. While still very sweet, the product’s use of sugar certainly makes a difference. For the purposes of sparing ourselves from the stock letter that we’ll surely get from the Corn Refiners Association, that’s not a dig on corn syrup, but instead a criticism of Pepsi overusing the ingredient to the point of their flagship product being syrupy and sickly sweet. However, it’s almost nutritionally identical to regular Pepsi, with the same amount of calories and only 1g less sugar. Still, there’s something that’s about this drink that really appeals to us. First, it tastes quite good – at least against other cola products from Pepsi and Coke. It’s clean and crisp, with a high level of carbonation giving the drink a touch of bite to its finish. Packaging is retro themed and easy to understand, with an old school Pepsi logo that has a glow behind it. “Throwback” is also on the front panel as is a callout to the drink’s use of sugar. All of this should make it easy for consumers to grasp, although this is a product that likely has cannibalization potential. Overall, we really enjoyed this fun and refreshing product. We’ll enjoy it while it lasts.


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