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Last Updated: 1/28/2011 9:27 AM

Phase III Recovery tastes like chocolate milk on steroids. It's a naturally flavored shelf stable chocolate milk product which contains 35g of protein per serving. Phase III has the familiar taste of simple chocolate milk with only the slightest protein finish (there's a slightly bitter note in there somewhere). This chocolate milk is a whopping 330 calories per serving and is sweetened by a sucrose/sucralose combination. The product comes in a resealable 14.5 oz. aluminum bottle, which allows this product to be consumed in multiple sittings. The full wrap label is very straightforward, featuring a piece of chocolate dropping into milk. The text clearly states this is a milk product, something which certainly sets this apart from some “faux-milk” competition, although the chocolate colored band at the bottom is a bit text heavy. This product certainly has a familiar taste with the added benefits of protein and should certainly be able to compete in the recovery/nutrition marketplace.


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14.5 oz Can

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