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Last Updated: 11/7/2008 11:24 AM

PHD's Berry Balance is a probiotic enhanced flavored water beverage. Using a push-button cap to ensure the "live" delivery of probiotic microorganisms (20 billion total from 6 unique strains), this is perhaps the best use of cap technology that we've seen to date. From a flavor point of view, this product is pretty easy to drink, using a lightly sweet berry flavor that's sweetened with organic agave and evaporated cane juice. It has a modest 90 calories per bottle, so we'd probably consume this regardless of the added functionality. On the exterior, the branding and packaging could use a bit of improvement. First, the use of the closure, which is an innovative use of cap dispensing technology, but you can't drink through it (you have to fully remove the cap). That being said, it might confuse consumers who will undoubtedly expect a flip top cap. Second, the label design. In this case, they've put a few too many things on the front panel, leaving the eye to jump around. We'd suggest some simplification AND a bit more personality. Overall, the innovative cap and delivery of probiotics are enjoyable when paired with the pleasant berry flavor, but a bit of improvement to the packaging would help this drink a lot.


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