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Last Updated: 5/25/2011 10:30 AM

Having never had a mojito made with coconut water (or lemon flavoring, for that matter), the flavor of this product is one that is hard to both conceptualize and describe. What immediately hits your tongue is reminiscent of mint (like the earthy part of fresh mint), but it lacks any minty flavor otherwise. The lemon is something that we don’t get at all, while the coconut water tastes at odds with (and almost interrupts) the “mojito” flavor. As a result, this product seems to lack balance. Functionally, this variety is an “energy” formulation, which means that it has added caffeine (just over 90mg per container) and B vitamins (more so than the other flavors). Marketing a coconut water as an energy formulation is something that has been tried before, but on a smaller scale than GNC, so it’s hard to say just how well this will work out. Either way, we think it’s a novel approach for the Phenom brand. Packaging is a green colored 16.9 oz. screw top Tetra Pak. The color scheme is among the best of the brand, but the text and label design still feel like something that is trying to give off that “store brand” vibe. And since store brands are generally perceived as lesser quality (but better value), we’re not convinced that this is the right approach for a coconut water at this stage of the market.


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16.9 oz Pak

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