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Last Updated: 1/30/2008 11:15 AM

Like many peach flavored iced teas, Phylo's entry doesn't present the most natural tasting peach flavor. However, the use of carbonation definitely the fact that does a nice job of helping to disguise this, leaving the drink with a very crisp, pleasant flavor. Like the other flavors, the packaging is, for the most part, an attractive offering. While it is a stock bottle, they've done a nice job of dressing it up. However, we think that the emphasis is a bit too heavy on the word "Tea" and the word "sparkling" might be missed.


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Tea: Herbal and Alternative


12 fl oz

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Nutritional Facts: Serving size 8 oz., Servings per container: 1.5, Calories 84, Total Fat: 0g, Total Carbs: 21g, Sugar: 21, Protein: 0g, Sodium: 10mg


Filtered carbonated water, cane sugar, concentrated tea from tea leaves, natural flavors, citric acid, natural peach flavor.

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