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Last Updated: 7/22/2013 10:33 AM

Plan Tea’s Green Tea Infused with Mango is a refreshing low-calorie tea that has only 40 calories per bottle. From a flavor perspective, this product is simple and enjoyable, with a nice base of black tea, a splash of mango flavor, and a mellow amount of sweetness that comes from wildflower honey. The product also has a slightly acidic finish, which is probably from the tannins in the tea and the added citric acid. Ultimately, it’s a nice-tasting product and one that we could definitely get hooked on. In terms of the exterior, Plan Tea made a few changes since we first looked at this brand. On the positive front, the company made it much more clear as to what “Plan Tea” means. The addition of a custom cap that calls out the “5% plan” (a reference to the fact that the company donates 5 percent of annual net sales to charity) and a larger explanation on the bottle. On the other hand, the front panel visual emphasis -- a black callout for the freshly brewed tea -- is on the wrong aspect of the product. We’d rather see this spot highlight the flavor of the tea. Overall, we think that PlanTea has done a very nice job with the execution of this product -- the charitable intentions are just icing on the cake.


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