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Last Updated: 9/20/2011 9:55 AM

As far as bottled white teas go, Plan Tea’s White Tea is a very drinkable offering. The USDA Organic and Fair Trade formulation is made with only four ingredients: water, white tea, honey, and citric acid. The resulting flavor is very light (36 calories per bottle) and straightforward. They’ve done a really nice job with this brew -- it definitely does not need a ton of sugar to be flavorful and refreshing. Critics will likely say that it isn’t sweet enough to have mass appeal, but it certainly has what it takes to do well in the health and natural channels. Packaging is simple, yet thoughtful, with text supplying most of the graphic treatment on the front of the bottle. The word “Plan” might not seem intuitive, but their intentions are quite ambitious: donate 5 percent of net sales to charity (in the case, Trickle Up and Pencils of Promise). While the overall look of the package is quite clean and has the vibe of a high quality product, the brand feels a bit sterile in its current rendition. With a bit more personality to it, we think consumers would have a better time latching on to PlanTea. Still, this is a very high quality bottle of tea and we’re pretty sure that consumers who do try it will come back for more.


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