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Last Updated: 1/11/2013 4:11 PM

Of the Plasma Energy lineup, Blue Raz is far and away the best tasting flavor. It has a “blue berry” (not blueberry) flavor that feels straight out of a pack of bubblegum or some other overly sweet candy. In this particular case, they’ve sweetened the product with sugar, resulting in something that definitely drinks like soda. We could live without the blue coloring, which simply serves as a subtle reminder that this product is not all natural (it certainly doesn’t make the drink more enticing in any way). Functionally, the drink features amino acids, vitamins, caffeine (160mg per can), electrolytes, milk thistle extract, acai extract, and prickly pear extract. The only noteworthy thing about this product’s functional blend is the “extra strength” label that they’ve used despite having the same level of caffeine as most other energy drinks. Lastly, there’s the look of the product. We like the blue color of this can over the other flavors, but our feelings about the design and branding are the same: it’s too generic looking. Overall, it’s a passable energy drink, but we don’t see anything about Plasma that can’t be found in other energy drinks on the market.


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