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Last Updated: 1/11/2013 3:58 PM

The Mixed Berry variety of Plasma Energy Drink is a fairly standard tasting energy drink that offers a reduced calorie formulation. It features a sugar, ace-k, and sucralose blend of sweeteners and a “berry” flavor that’s pretty typical of the category. There’s a fair amount of aftertaste from the sweeteners and functional ingredients, so from our perspective, the flavor is simply what we’d describe as “tolerable.” Functionally, the drink features amino acids, vitamins, caffeine (160mg per can), electrolytes, milk thistle extract, acai extract, and prickly pear extract. Again, a fairly standard looking blend of ingredients. That leaves the can as the remaining chance for the drink to offer something unique. However, we’re sorry to say that the drink feels like countless other energy drinks that have failed in the past. Specifically, there’s a conceptual icon that has been paired with a name that implies energy and a graphic design that skews towards generic or value. Also, to call it “healthy” seems like a claim that they can’t back up. To sum it up, we don’t think that what they’ve created is a “brand” or something that a consumer can possibly identify with. And unfortunately, these are criticisms that we have about all three of the flavors that we sampled. Overall, Plasma Energy is a product that needs a lot of work if it’s going to be successful in the crowded energy drink category.


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