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Last Updated: 10/1/2003 7:05 PM

POM Wonderful is straight up pomegranate juice with natural flavors. It's an interesting flavor that is somewhat difficult to describe. The best thing we can come up with is comparing it to a slightly more tart, but lighter, version of grape juice. Anyway, POM Wonderful is one of the most unique products to hit the shelves this year. If not for the the flavor, then perhaps for the beautiful bottle and package design. Either way, this product is definitely worth trying. We don't expect it to become a mainstream product due to the niche feeling of pomegranates (and the lack of being shelf stable doesn't necessarily help either), but it's a product that was well thought out and carefully crafted. Definitely worth a try!


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Product Type

Juice: Fruit Juice


450 ml (15.2 fl oz) glass

Nutritional Info

serving size 8 oz;
calories 140;
total fat 0g;
sat fat 0g;
cholest 0mg;
sodium 30mg;
total carb 35g;
fiber 0g;
sugars 34g;
protein 1g;
vitamin A 0%;
vitamin C 0%;
calcium 4%;
iron 2%


100% juice, pomegranate juice from concentrates and natural flavors

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