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Last Updated: 9/30/2009 12:20 PM

The POMx Iced Coffee line has recently been extended, with the latest addition a Vanilla flavored variety. Like the other flavors, this product is creamy and smooth, with a base of dark roast coffee (Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica) that’s full in body. The product is sweetened with a blend of sugar and erythritol, which helps keep the calories in check at 180 per bottle. Still, the product has a good amount of sweetness to the mix, with minimal aftertaste from the erythritol. As for the vanilla flavoring, it’s a welcome addition to the line, but they’ve used just a bit too much for our liking. And of course, this is fortified with POM’s “POMx” antioxidant extracts, which add a health component that you won’t find in competing products. Last, but not least, is the packaging. While the 10.5 oz. bottle hasn’t changed since our first look, the labeling has, with the flavor name now near the top of the bottle. In its place they’ve added a red badge that says “The Healthy Buzz.” Unfortunately, that’s too conceptual to add value, especially with the hundreds of other products that are using “buzz” or variations of it in their trade dress. Getting to the point and stating that the drink contains caffeine (and how much) and antioxidants would probably be a good front panel move, especially when it’s competing against the category juggernaut Starbucks. Overall, a nice addition to the lineup, but not a game changer for the brand.


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