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Last Updated: 9/17/2013 2:10 PM

Popeye Energy is an energy drink that is made with 75 percent juice and is labeled as a dietary supplement. It currently comes in two varieties, Clobberin Clementine and Bruiser Blackberry, with our favorite (and the focal point of the review) being the former. The company has blended the juices, which include white grape, apple and clementine, with sparkling water, vitamins and natural caffeine (160mg per can). The flavor of the product is very fruity and refreshing, which is, generally speaking, how most juice-heavy energy drinks turn out. You certainly don’t have to be an energy drink consumer to be a fan of this flavor and although we preferred this flavor over its counterpart, both are nicely executed when it comes to taste. While this is a strategy that has been tried before without much success (energy juices have never gained massive traction), it seems like something that fits well with the Popeye brand. It’s a brand that should catch some eyes for being a classic, while its application to an energy drink product gives it an aloof and not so serious feeling. While it’s probably not something that will pull a ton of consumers away from the more aggressive looking big brands, it definitely feels like something that could successfully operate in parallel to them. Overall, Popeye energy is enjoyable in its execution and the branding is certainly memorable. Definitely worth a try.


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