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Last Updated: 9/18/2009 9:08 AM

Power Potion is, as the name implies, the energy formulation of the Potion lineup. It’s enhanced with guarana, yerba mate, natural caffeine, and D-Ribose and sweetened with stevia. The resulting mix has 20 calories and a dose of caffeine that's not quantified on the bottle -- but trust us, there’s some definite kick to it. From a flavor perspective, yerba mate, added berry flavor, sugar, and stevia give this product a mellow-but-earthy flavor with a moderate amount of aftertaste. It’'s a bit bitter at the finish, but we think that this approach, as opposed to added sweetener, is probably the right one. Packaging is a 2.5 oz. shot bottle, which is billed as an “herbal remedy” on the front panel. The word “Potion” also catches your eye quickly, although the word “Power” is washed out with its yellowish green background. Since energy is still the function that’s most marketable, that’s something that they'’ll definitely need to change – even if it's as simple as swapping colors with one of the other flavors. Overall, good flavor and function, but the choice of accent color needs improvement for readability purposes.


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Functional: Energy Shot, Tea: Yerba Mate


2.5 oz shot

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