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Last Updated: 6/2/2009 10:07 AM

Coconut is a flavor that we’re pretty sure has never been used in the history of energy drinks, so we were pretty interested to see how Power Trip’s new Coconut flavor came out. Like their other products, this one is packaged in a 16 oz. can and is flavored with natural and artificial flavors. As far as the coconut flavor goes, it’s very strong and sweet, with an aroma that’s reminiscent of a skin-care product. That makes the product somewhat hard to drink, with the strong flavor overwhelming our palate. This also leaves the product with a bit of flavoring as an aftertaste, although, if nothing else, that's less offensive than a caffeine or artificial sweetener aftertaste. Still, we’d like this product a lot more if they toned down the coconut a bit. On the outside, the product is easy to understand, with unmistakable images of coconuts on the front panel of the can. It’s an effective looking design, but it’s about average as far as overall aesthetics go. Overall, we’re impressed that Power Trip found a reasonably good flavor that has never been used, but the execution (especially the strength of the flavor) could use some tweaking.


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