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Last Updated: 2/1/2010 12:01 PM

Relying on a blend of sugar and stevia, Pomegranate Yumberry is one of PRE’s lower calorie formulations (10 per serving). Made with a 2 percent juice blend of grape, pomegranate, and yumberry, this flavor doesn’t has as much fruit flavor as some of the other flavors in the line. The presence of stevia is obvious, although not unpleasant, while the fruit flavors are not easily distinguishable aside from the grape juice. However, this is a problem that we see in most products claiming pomegranate and yumberry flavors, so in this case, it’s purely average. Like the rest of the line, this product uses the proprietary Jarrow blend of prebiotics, as well as vitamins, to promote digestive wellness. Factoring that in, this product certainly has a leg up on other products that are delivering the same flavor without these added benefits. As for the drink’s exterior, we like the look of the 16.9 oz. tapered bottle. They’ve done a nice job of creating a label that simultaneously feels functional and looks appetizing. Achieving this happy medium seems key to a product like this not being mistaken for just another juice or relegated to the supplement aisle. Overall, there’s certainly room to improve the flavor, but otherwise we really like what they’ve done so far.


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