Punch Energy Drink

Punch Energy Drink

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Last Updated: 9/25/2008 5:08 PM

Punch Energy Drink's clean and visually appealing exterior caught our eye, as did the "changing the way energy tastes" text that runs around the drink's neck. Inside the can, there's a pleasant tasting mixture of juice flavors and energy ingredients, giving the product a natural tasting fruit punch like flavor. It's a big step up from the typical candy-like fruit flavors, starting off mild but sweet and ending with a clean, crisp finish. They've excluded guarana (which they label "questionable" despite it being labeled as GRAS by the FDA), but included other notable ingredients such as zinc, GABA, and rhodiola. Really, our biggest suggestion for Punch is to better articulate why this drink is different and better. In its current form, we think that the packaging runs the risk of being perceived as your standard hyperbole laden energy drink -- which is certainly not what's inside the can. Overall, Punch is a valiant first effort in terms of flavor and design. An innovative design to match the innovative flavor / formulation would be the logical next step for this drink.


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16 oz can

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