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PURE SWISS is healthy alkaline mineral water from the Swiss Alps. Extremely pure with nothing but what nature intended! Follow us on Instagram @ PURESWISS Follow us Pinterest @ PURESWISSwater PURE SWISS mineral water starts its long journey by filtering through the high altitude peaks around the San Bernardino mountain pass. It then follows profound courses through the Triassic rock formations of the Swiss Alps The spring is located in the town centre with its ancient construction and modern establishment. The village of San Bernardino is located in a gentle valley at the foot of the San Bernardino mountain pass and of many unpolluted mountains. Its people's respect since ancient times has ensured the San Bernardino spring special care, maintaining it untouched untill our days. As far back as Roman times, the San Bernardino spring was known not only as a great beverage, but also as a bathing water. As a matter of fact, in 1860, several wooden tubs were found that dated back to the Romans

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