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Last Updated: 3/1/2014 4:01 PM

Purity Organic’s Chocolate Coconut Water follows the same style of the company's other offerings, both in flavor and packaging, starting with the use of coconut water from concentrate. From there, Purity has added coconut cream and cocoa, which give the product a rich and indulgent chocolate note. It’s not that far off from the other chocolate coconut waters that we’ve sampled, which is fine, especially since the resulting flavor is quite enjoyable. Like the competition, this certainly reduces the refreshment factor of the coconut water, although it’s still full of electrolytes. Fortunately, this gives consumers a different experience than simply adding another fruit flavor to the lineup. Visually, the brown accent color and chocolate bar image are a pretty stark contrast to the white and green that makes up the Purity Organic branding. While we can certainly see some consumers being confused by the image of candy on a coconut water product, it definitely gives the product some visual pop. And really, it’s the most obvious way to describe the flavor of the drink. Overall, while chocolate-flavored coconut water isn’t something new, we like Purity Organic’s execution, and it certainly seems like a nice addition to its lineup.


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