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Purple Stuff's "Calming Elixir" is a relaxation drink that's delivered in a 3 oz shot format. The functionality is based upon the use of valerian root, an herbal sedative that's been used to help with insomnia among other things, delivered in a dose of 60mg per bottle, as well as added vitamins. It's a calorie free format, using sucralose as the sweetener of choice. The flavor is the same as their 16 ounce "Classic Grape," which is pleasant -- at least in terms of what we find with products that are in the shot format. Lastly, there's the packaging, which uses a 3 oz bottle with a shrink wrapped label. It's a decent design and "Calming Elixir" certainly gets the point across, but the space taken up by "Lean with it" could be utilized better (perhaps reinforce the functional ingredients or purpose). Overall, an innovative approach, but it could use a bit more to the label design.


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