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Last Updated: 11/27/2013 7:13 AM

If there’s any brand out there that seems ripe to make an oat-based beverage it’s definitely Quaker Oats, right? After all, the company not only has a long history of making oat-based products, but it’s also owned by PepsiCo, which, in recent years, has looked to expand its variety of better-for-you drinks. So conceptually, we were certainly intrigued to see this product land on our desk. Unfortunately, however, this product definitely seems flawed. Let’s start with the obvious: an artificially-flavored and artificially-sweetened formulation definitely seems at odds with the simplicity and healthiness of the Quaker Oats brand. Plus, the product is ultimately more of a protein drink than oat beverage. It has 10g of protein and 200 cal per 11.1 oz. bottle, and it drinks very much like your typical protein drink. The product is chocolatey and sweet with a rich and creamy body that is been enhanced with milk protein isolate and other ingredients in order to help the product achieve its viscous consistency. As far as the oats are concerned, there’s really no way to detect them simply by drinking the product. Instead, one must look at the nutrition facts panel which shows 6g of dietary fiber per bottle. Aside from that, this is, again, a very typical-looking protein drink, and on the outside, we'd say the same about the product. The fully wrapped 11.1 oz. bottle has a tapered shape and a blue color palette. The Quaker Oats logo feels very much at odds with the rest of the design almost to the point of being an afterthought. That said, we can certainly see this product selling in grocery or other channels where Quaker typically sells its products. However, it’s very hard to see this as a real competitor in a convenient space where protein and meal replacement drinks are typically sold. Overall, we very much like the concept of Quaker developing an oat-based beverage, but this product seems like it misses the mark quite a bit.


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