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Last Updated: 11/27/2013 7:13 AM

While the Chocolate variety of Quaker Oats breakfast shakes at least had a decent chocolate flavor, the Strawberry variety is, unfortunately, even more flawed than its counterpart. Specifically, the strawberry flavor, which is artificially created, does not taste accurate at all. This is a very common problem for strawberry-flavored beverages -- and good reason to avoid them altogether (why the company sent us this product instead of the Vanilla variety is a whole other question). Otherwise, the product is completely identical to its counterpart. He delivers 8g of whole grains, 10g protein, and 6g of dietary fiber. It otherwise still looks and feels very much like a protein beverage, with the Quaker Oats logo feeling like an afterthought in the design of the product. We really wish there was more of the Quaker Oats color palette incorporated into this product’s design. Overall, we definitely preferred the chocolate variety over this one, but both are definitely in need of improvement.


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