Rainforest Cola

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Manufacturer's Brand Overview

A clean and refreshing all-new, beneficial, true cola with a subtle hint of berry, Rainforest Cola delivers the taste, the senstaion, the satisfaction and the fun of traditional colas without guilt or concern. Each of the Rainforest Cola's all-natural ingredients originates from the Rainforests of the World which, in addition to real Cola taste, deliver an energy boost not found in traditional Colas.

Research confirms that today's beverage consumer overwhelmingly prefers the Cola flavor with a lot of carbonation. However, consumers have been increasing choosing other soft drink alternatives rather than traditional full calorie and diet colas becasue of concerns regarding the negative effects of high-calorie sugars, artificial sweeteners, and artficial chemical preservatives.

Rainforest Cola is blended with Stevia wich separates it from all other major colas; the stevia is complemented with just the right amount of pure cane sugar to balance the Cola flavor. Another point of difference is the infustion of the super anti-oxidant acai berry. The result is Rainforest Cola, the anti-oxidant soft drink with only 30 calories, 7 grams of sugar, and no artificail ingredients or preservatives in each 12oz slim can.


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