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Last Updated: 2/5/2009 7:37 AM

Red Light Energy Drink is a sugar free energy drink that has taken a different route than many other entries into this category. For starters, the product uses a blend of aspartame and ace-k as well as a touch of cherry and lemon juices, resulting in a flavor that's definitely not your typical energy drink. It's pleasant and crisp, with a slight cherry undertone that, when paired with the acid of lemon juice, helps hide the aftertaste of the sweeteners and functional ingredients. From a functional point of view, this product starts with a standard looking mixture of B vitamins, tuarine, ginseng, and caffeine, but also adds schizandra to the mix. Packaging is also quite different from the norm, using a fully wrapped 12 ounce glass bottle that we've only seen on a few other entries. This is certainly the biggest gamble, using a package that has the potential for being mistaken as a CSD. In addition, we think that the use of the word "Red" in the name of an energy drink is ultimately something that cheapens the brand rather than helps it. Overall, exceptional taste inside the bottle, but we think another look at the packaging and brand might be helpful.


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12 oz glass

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