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Red Bull Cola is, unlike the company's other products, not an energy drink, but an all natural cola. Using a bevy of natural ingredients (including coca leaf, kola nut, lemon/lime, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, pine, corn mint, galangal, vanilla, ginger, mace, cacao, licorice, orange, mustard seeds, and caffeine derived from coffee beans), the product has a complex spiced flavor with clearly discernable notes of the various notes throughout. Plus, they've used sugar instead of HFCS, so the product has a milder level of sweetness than the big guys. Packaging plays to the strength of the Red Bull brand, using a 12 oz can that looks like a stepchild of the Red Bull Energy Drink brand. So, from a technical point of view, we enjoy the flavor and packaging of Red Bull Cola. However, it doesn't taste quite as good as some of the other natural colas. Really though, it boils down to this: does Red Bull's entry do anything to change the state of the cola category (domestic attrition to other, lower calorie products)? Not just yet. A good product, but it's not a game changer based on technical merit alone.


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