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Last Updated: 1/10/2008 4:07 PM

Red Devil Light is a sucralose and ace-k sweetened drink that has been given a dry fruity flavor. It's a unique taste, especially with its relatively low level of sweetness and very dry finish. As far as diet energy drinks go, it's definitely an enjoyable flavor. Branding, on the other hand, hasn't evolved that much since we first saw the brand many years ago. The Red Devil logo is still the same, but this time it's on the front of a silver and grey design. Unfortunately, something feels out of synch and the Red Devil logo and font don't seem like they go with the "balanced lifestyle" text and the more modern design of the can. Plus, with the light grey tones it's just hard to read on the silver backdrop. Overall, nice taste, but could use some improvement in packaging.


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Functional: Energy Drink: Diet


16 oz can

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