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Last Updated: 9/29/2013 11:43 AM

The latest round of flavors added to Reed’s Culture Club count five in total, but the differences between many of them (all of the red-colored flavors) are quite subtle. That said, it’s this flavor, Lemon Ginger Raspberry, that’s our favorite of the new flavors. It blends lemon juice, raspberry juice and puree, and ginger root with their base of USDA Organic kombucha. The result is something that is complex in flavor, but smooth and mainstream-oriented (it least in terms of kombucha flavors). The light spice and citrus flavors do a nice job of cutting the vinegar flavor of the fermentation, while the raspberry gives the product a nice and fruity body. Unlike many of the products that we’re seeing in the space, this one isn’t heavily carbonated, which definitely makes it easier to guzzle down. On the outside, we’re fans of what Reed's has created, with a proprietary 13.5 oz. glass bottle that looks polished and sophisticated. The rainbow label, which is a clear play on GT’s “Trilogy” variety (which includes the same flavors as this product), looks good and helps catch the eye over the other “red” flavors. All in all, this is definitely a nice addition to the lineup.


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13.5oz Glass

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