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Last Updated: 3/4/2009 12:44 PM

Originally brought to market as a "Diabetic Nutritional Beverage", Rev-D has be wisely recast as a “Sugar Free Nutritional Beverage.” This unique tasting beverage has only 12 calories, thanks to the use of xylitol and stevia as its sweeteners. This results in a sugar style sweetness, but with little to no aftertaste. More importantly, there's a touch of cinnamon to the flavor (from cinnamon extract), which adds a slight spice and a nice complement to the drink's light berry flavor. Added vitamins are certainly a plus, with the focus again being to satisfy the dietary needs of diabetics. All in all, we are very impressed with the flavor and innovative approach to what's inside the drink. In its cleaned up form, the drink certainly looks better, with similar styling to other products in the category. Rev-D’s technical looking packaging is moderately attractive, although the different text elements seem like they could work together better than they currently do. Plus, the product could use a touch of personality to it if it wants to be memorable with consumers. Overall, enjoyable flavor, innovative concept, and packaging that’s just average.


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16.9 oz

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