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Last Updated: 12/2/2008 7:46 AM

Designed to be a "Diabetic Nutritional Beverage", Rev-D is a unique tasting beverage that is zero calorie and uses xylitol as its sweetener of choice. The use of xylitol gives it a sugar style sweetness without any calories or aftertaste. In addition, there's a touch of cinnamon to the flavor (from cinnamon extract), which adds a slight spice and a nice complement to the drink's light berry flavor. Added vitamins are certainly a plus, with the focus again being to satisfy the dietary needs of diabetics. All in all, we are very impressed with the flavor and innovative approach to what's inside the drink. The outside, however, is something that needs work. Branding it as a drink for diabetics seems like something that will potentially pigeon hole. Plus, we didn't find the label of the drink to be that appealing compared to the many other drinks that are in this bottle. In our opinion, the drink would benefit from a less technical label that promotes the drink's zero calorie formulation and uses "diabetic safe" as a secondary benefit. Overall, innovative and enjoyable flavor, but Rev-D would certainly benefit from a packaging makeover.


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