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Last Updated: 3/4/2009 12:42 PM

Of the three additional flavors that we sampled, this one had the most distinctive and enjoyable flavor. Like the other varieties, this one uses a mixture of xylitol and rebiana (stevia) to create a sugar free formulation. The pairing of the lightly sweet tropical flavor with the touch of heat provided by the cinnamon creates something original and pleasant. Packaging is clean and, for the most part, appealing to our eye. Branded with the wordy “Sugar Free Nutritional Vitamin Beverage”, it’s understandable, but not the most succinct tagline we’ve ever seen. Moving “Diabetic Friendly” to a secondary tagline and adding “Formulated by Scientists” also seems like decent copy for the bottle. However, things are starting to seem a little crammed under the logo. Still, this is a very enjoyable product that has innovative qualities on both the inside and outside.


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