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Last Updated: 11/9/2009 9:22 AM

Revolution’s 3D has a new flavor, Pink Grapefruit, which also introduces a couple of other changes to the brand. First, the flavor of the drink has a more pronounced tea flavor, giving the product the “multi dimensional” feeling that it claims to be going for. The fruit flavor hits your tongue second, but it’s pretty mild compared to what you’ll generally find in products that feature grapefruit juice as an ingredient. That’s fine by us, especially since the final flavor to hit your tongue is agave, which, along with sugar, gives the drink it’s moderate level of sweetness and aids its slightly earthy finish. The drink also has added B vitamins and vitamin C, just in case flavor and antioxidants aren’t enough to convince you. On the outside, this product has a pink can, which fits with the pink grapefruit theme and is also a call out to the fact that a portion of the proceeds (profit?) is donated to breast cancer charities. As far as the design of the can goes, they’ve removed the Revolution logo that’s placed front and center on their other varieties, but we’re not sure if that makes a difference either way. The rest of the front panel is cleanly designed, with fruit images and minimal text elements on the front area. However, it’s still not super clear as to what’s inside the can, with the conceptual “3D Multi Dimensional Beverage” not describing what’s inside the can. White tea, which is currently last on the front panel’s list, should be moved higher, especially since this product is essentially a fruit flavored tea at the end of the day. On a related note, the package says “super fruit,” which is presumably referring to the grapefruit juice. To us, that seems a bit overzealous and potentially confusing. While this might all sound bad, it’s ultimately pretty minor – the visual design of the can and what’s inside it are just fine. We'd just like to see the product call what it actually is -- a flavored tea. Because as a flavored tea, this product is actually quite enjoyable, especially with the added vitamins.


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