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Rhino's is a brand that's been around the energy drink category for many years — and now they're crossing into the relaxation category. At the base of the drink are carbonated water, blackberry juice, and blueberry juice, which gives the product a very natural and fruity flavor. It's sweetened with sugar, which gives the product a clean and crisp sweetness, but we could live without the added blue coloring (it makes the liquid a somewhat unappealing dark purple color). From a functional perspective, the product has valerian root, L-theanine, lemon balm, and chamomile extracts along with added B vitamins. This makes for a product that will help calm you, but probably won't put you to sleep as some of the melatonin enhanced products might. That being said, we think that they've chosen the right approach for this product. The packaging has a matte white finish with exposed silver areas for the logo and some of the text. The silver and white combo makes for a package that's pretty hard to read — that's never a good thing for a beverage package. Otherwise, the clean and simple arrangement of the front panel is something that is easy to understand. Overall, we like what they've done, but the inability to read the silver and white package is something that they need to address.


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Functional: Relaxation Drink


8.3 oz can

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