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Despite the obvious connotation in the name, Rip It F Bomb refers to the fact that this is a fruit flavored offering. There's a rather pleasant fruit punch flavor inside the can, but it's one that we feel like we've had in many products that have come before it. So, while it's not a very original offering, it's still one that makes sense as part of the Rip It line. And, it's definitely a very drinkable and enjoyable flavor. Functionally, the product packs some punch, with 210mg of caffeine per can as well as taurine, inositol, guarana, and B vitamins. Packaging is a somewhat minimalist looking effort, at least in terms of what's out there on the energy drink shelves today. They've utilized an orange and red backdrop with silver, black, and blue on the front of the can. The F Bomb logo is somewhat small, but they've put fruit imagery below it to let the consumer know that this is a fruit flavored offering. From our perspective, this product fits the bill of what an energy drink should be, both in terms of flavor and energy ingredients. However, there's nothing really to get excited about when it comes to this product — neither the design or the flavor add anything new to the category. Overall, a worthy entry…nothing more, nothing less.


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