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ROAR seeks to provide an alternative sport drink geared towards a younger, edgier, and style-minded consumer demographic. Since its’ inception, the sports drink industry has primarily directed its’ marketing and sales efforts at potential consumers from within the culture of traditional sports. We intend to design, develop, and distribute an entire line of sports drinks that will bridge the gap between the extreme sports’ culture and traditional sports drink functionality. Our enhanced formula mixes the traditional functions of sports drinks (hydration + electrolytes), with the added, caffeine free, energy boost from our combination of B-Vitamins and Potassium. Vitamins B12 and B6 provide our consumers with energy while Vitamin B5 promotes alertness and Vitamin B3 enhances their focus. We see this combination of energy, alertness, and focus as optimal for peak athletic performance; a combination we've entitled "The ROAR System."

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