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Last Updated: 1/28/2010 9:57 AM

Of the initial lineup, Rob’s Really Good “Agave Mate” is the standout flavor. The product uses only four ingredients, including water, organic agave nectar, organic yerba mate, and citric acid, which results in a straight to the point flavor that allows the ingredients to shine. The agave and mate flavors work well together, with their subtle earthiness make for an extremely pleasant and drinkable mixture. The mate flavor is definitely geared towards the mainstream (it reminds us of Bombilla & Gourd), while the use of agave makes it sweet, but not too sweet. And, they’ve kept the calories (60 per serving) and carbohydrates (13g per serving) under control, which is certainly a nice selling point. From an appearance point of view, they’ve given the product a cartoonish look that features a desert landscape that’s filled with happy looking cactuses. It’s definitely a different approach than the other mate players, with a less serious tone that’s clearly reaching for the mainstream buyer. With this formulation and packaging, we think that’s an approach that will work well for this product. Overall, a very enjoyable product from start to finish.


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Tea: Herbal and Alternative, Tea: Yerba Mate


14 oz Glass

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