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Last Updated: 1/28/2010 9:57 AM

Of the flavored iced teas that are in the initial Rob’s Really Good lineup, this one was our favorite in terms of overall execution. Starting with what’s inside the bottle, they’ve hit the nail on the head, with a pleasant blueberry flavor mixing nicely with a moderately sweetened base of black tea. Having USDA Organic certification is a plus, as is the product’s use of cane sugar and its 60 calorie per serving profile. It goes down extremely smooth, with just the right amount of each flavor in this balanced formulation. On the outside, an illustrated depiction of three happy blueberries staring right at you is kitschy, but adds a wholesome, not-so-processed feeling to the product. Otherwise, we can’t help but wonder if they’ve dedicated too much room to the large illustration, which, despite looking nice, distracts the eye from the rest of the label. Overall, really good flavor and branding that’s unique and memorable make this an entry that’s definitely worthy of shelf space.


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14 oz Glass

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