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Last Updated: 1/28/2010 9:56 AM

While we can only recall one other “Italian” RTD tea that we’ve sampled (San Benedetto), this one doesn’t feel overly Italian to us (aside from maybe the label art). Regardless, it’s quite good, with a mildly sweet mixture of black tea and natural peach flavoring that’s smooth in body and clean in finish. This product fits nicely in the middle of the tea category, having mainstream flavor and 60 calories per serving (about 120 per bottle). Packaging is funky, but clean, with polished looking illustrations giving the product a wholesome and authentic vibe. However, we’re not sure that calling it Italian is the right word to help market peach iced tea. In addition, the word “Organic” is placed in an area that’s hard to read and, thanks to the placement of the a USDA Organic seal, an unnecessary front panel addition. Nitpicking aside, we really like the flavor and the wholesome angle that they’ve taken. Plus, having a solid peach flavor is key to any iced tea line – and they’ve definitely achieved that.


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