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Last Updated: 9/8/2013 7:15 AM

If you’ve ever had a sports drink from the lemon-lime or citrus end of the spectrum, Rockstar’s Tropical Citrus Energy Water will definitely be an easy product to latch on to. This sucralose and ace-k sweetened zero calorie beverage has a nice subtle fruity flavor that is both familiar and unique (it’s almost like they blended a few sports drink flavors to make this one). Functionally, the product’s 200mg of caffeine, B vitamins and taurine make it something that’s certainly a legitimate alternative to any standard energy drink out there. And given that this is a non-carbonated product with a completely different flavor profile, it seems like a product that could both lure in new drinkers and be a secondary purchase for existing consumers of the Rockstar brand. Visually, Rockstar played it pretty safe, starting with the stock 20 oz. plastic bottle. It definitely gives the product a straightforward and intuitive appearance, especially when paired with the Rockstar brand. However, it lacks the panache that you’ll find in Rockstar’s energy lineup. But we understand that coming into the enhanced water category with something familiar probably makes more sense at this point. Overall, this is a nicely executed product that gives the Rockstar brand a nice foundation in the category.


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