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Last Updated: 2/28/2012 3:53 PM

As far as tea based energy drinks go, Rockstar’s “Iced” is a very enjoyable low calorie entry. With a classic “diet peach tea” flavor, Rockstar Iced tastes very straightforward and familiar. They’ve done a great job of keeping the functional ingredients from getting in the way of this product’s drinkability, but they also did not skimp on the functional blend that’s inside this product. On the energy front it contains 120mg per 8 oz., which is 50 percent more caffeine than a standard energy drink, as well as added B-vitamins, taurine, amino acids, ginseng, and guarana. In addition, they’ve added electrolytes to the mix for added hydration. Visually, the product’s gold colored can is well executed and stands out, while also feeling slightly more sophisticated than some of their other offerings. The package is busy with text, but still easy to read and understand -- that’s something that we don’t see all that often when it comes to package design. Overall, we really like this product, it delivers nicely on packaging, flavor, and functionality.


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