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Rooibee Red Tea is a full line of USDA organic certified, bottled RTD, rooibos teas. Rooibee Red Tea comes in 7 flavors: Sweet, Unsweet, Peach, Lemon/Honey, Watermelon/Mint, Vanilla Chai and Cranberry/Pomegranate. Rooibee Red Tea is naturally caffeine free which makes it a great beverage for health conscious consumers and their children, looking for healthier beverage options. It also contains roughly 1.5 times the antioxidants in green tea and a full serving of vitamin C. My company is based in Louisville, Ky. I am a veteran of the beverage game having worked for 18 years in the sales and marketing of adult beverages. Over the last 2 years, as I was developing Rooibee Red Tea I also worked as a consultant with several small entrepreneurs that are working in the health food and beverage world. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- FLAVOR PROFILES: The Unsweet is my favorite of the line. It is the only 0 calorie option and captures the essence of Rooibos beautifully. We do add an essence of citrus on the finsih to round out the flavor and mask some of the earthiness inherent in the rooibos. This drink is altogether one of the best tasting and healthiest 0 calorie RTD options available on the market currently. The Sweet comes in at 80 calories per 12 oz serving. We are using organic cane sugar as our sweetener. The result is a clean "middle sweet" drink that has even the deepest of southerners raving. The Lemon/Honey comes in at 80 calories per 12 oz. serving. The Lemon is forward and balances perfectly with the earthy rooibos to leave a wonderful full bodied tea taste in the front of the palate. A hint of honey finishes way in the back to bring a little extra joy to the taste buds. The Peach comes in a 80 calories per 12 oz. serving. This is by far the "cleanest" flavor in the line. That is it tastes incredibly fresh. The quality of the organic ingredients shine through and gives a flavor explosion without leaving the cloying aftertaste common in most Peach teas. The Cranberry/Pomegranate comes in at 90 calories per 12 oz. serving. This flavor is shaping up to be a favorite with consumers. The beauty of this flavor is the balance of sweet and tart. It seems that the rooibos actually enhances the fruit flavors. Balance is the key word in describing this flavor. The Watermelon Mint comes in at 80 calories per 12 oz. bottle. This is the boldest and most experimental flavor of the line, and personally my second favorite flavor. It tastes like Summer in a bottle. The mint finishes so far on the finish that it acts more like a spice than a sweetener. The watermelon is forward but not cloying and the rooibos shines through right in the middle.

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