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Last Updated: 6/24/2013 5:34 PM

This variety of Sabila blends aloe vera juice with mango (juice and flavoring) to create what is a very refreshing and enjoyable combination. In the case of this particular flavor, you definitely taste a lot more mango than you do aloe vera. In fact, it’s almost like the company thinned out a mango nectar drink with aloe (not that’s a bad thing). Fortunately, the added aloe pulp will make it hard to forget that this is an aloe vera drink. All in all, this is a tasty, but sweet product that’s definitely one of the better tasting flavor combinations that we’ve had when it comes to aloe drinks. Visually, the product is straightforward and easy to understand. However, it also looks very similar to other products on the market and feels somewhat interchangeable. We’re honestly not sure what the right course of action is, but making the product stand out more would definitely help, especially if the product is going to compete on a national level. Overall, packaging concerns aside, we really like the flavor combination that this product uses.


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16.9oz plasitc

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